Villas Cozumel – LA CARACOLA VZ

Contemporary Mexican cuisine in the heart of the jungle in Cozumel

Our Name


The kitchen is the heart of Villas Zamná, that’s why we have decided to name it “La Caracola”. This, because it’s meaning goes beyond a word, means a lot to the community of Cozumel Island and comes from their ancestors. The Mayan civilization used the snails as an important and main source of food.

Our kitchen “La Caracola” offers you a different and  personalized option, in the heart of the jungle in Cozumel.

Enjoy and live the traditional recipes fusion experience, in a traditional and artistic way, with new colors, textures and flavors. Try our contemporary Mexican cuisine, you will not regret it.

La caracola, logo blanco con verde, Cozumel

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

In “La Caracola”, food will be cooked that will become some of the most exquisite dishes that you can try during your stay. Remember that the breakfast service is included during your stay.







The food in the morning ranges from a fruit cocktail to some red chilaquiles or eggs to taste. To accompany your food, you can opt for a coffee or fresh orange juice.




Mexican Food

You will be able to taste delicious Contemporary Mexican cuisine 




The Chef

We have a chef who will turn food into delicious dishes for you.




Breakfast in your villa

You´ll can taste your food in your villa, on the outskirts of it. On the balcony, there is a table with two chairs ready to sit down and enjoy the menu that is prepared for you.


Hours of Operation

08:00am – 11:00am